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September 29, 2021


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s annual Dream Big Awards, presented by Spectrum Reach, celebrate the achievements of small businesses and honors their contributions to America’s economic growth.

This year’s Dream Big Minority-Owned Small Business Achievement Award, presented by MetLife, recognizes a minority-owned, small business that exemplifies the significant contributions made by minority-owned businesses. Each of the three finalists represent how minority-owned small businesses are driving growth, innovation, and prosperity in communities across the country.

The winner will be announced at the Dream Big Awards Ceremony, part of The Big Week for Small Business virtual event, on Thursday, October 21, 2021, at 5:00pm ET. Learn more about the other Dream Big Award categories and finalists here.

Minority-Owned Small Business Achievement Finalists:

Boston Government Services, LLC, Knoxville, TN


Established in 2007, Boston Government Services (BGS) is a trusted partner to government programs, national laboratories, and major firms on missions of national importance. The company is engaged in advanced nuclear technologies, alternative energy technologies, cybersecurity, and environmental management to enable a clean, safe, secure, and prosperous future for our nation.

BGS is the prime contractor supporting the U.S. Department of Energy’s Efficiency/Renewable Energy program that is driving our nation’s $2 billon investment in renewable and alternative technologies such as solar, wind, geothermal, and bioenergy technologies.

“We have a diverse and highly capable team of scientists, engineers, and technical professionals who have made BGS who we are. They are passionate about their work and passionate about making a difference for our clients and our nation.” - Harry Boston, President, Boston Government Services

TOOTRiS, San Diego, CA


Due to childcare issues, more than two million working parents have dropped out of the workforce in the last year alone. Employers need turn-key resources to provide their workforce with family support services—primarily childcare—to help employees re-engage and reach the productivity levels necessary to recover from the pandemic and reach their goals.

TOOTRiS converges private and public childcare stakeholders into a unified, real-time exchange, providing resources that allow parents and childcare providers to connect and transact in real-time.

“In 2020, TOOTRiS supported less than 100 childcare providers in San Diego. Today, TOOTRiS provides invaluable and 100% free resources to more than 122,000 childcare providers in 22 states connecting working parents to these programs in real-time and enabling employers to seamlessly incorporate childcare as a benefit.” - Alessandra Lezama, CEO, TOOTRiS

Walker’s Legacy, LLC, Washington, D.C.

Walker's Legacy

Founded in 2009, Walker's Legacy strives to support multicultural women by providing access to resources, networks, and financial opportunities to scale and grow their businesses.

When the company founder launched Walker’s Legacy, she herself was a new and aspiring woman-of-color entrepreneur. She realized immediately that there were gaps with regards to her access to capital, access to a mentor, and finding deep connections within the business community. So, she decided to create what she did not have and to embody that goal for other women. Twelve years later, Walker’s Legacy continues to pursue that mission.

“Our proudest moment is, and will continue to be, real-life testimonials from women who are sharing their stories about the impact that being a part of the Walker’s Legacy collective has had, and continues to have, on their lives as well as their businesses.” – Natalie Cofield, Founder, Walker's Legacy

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