April 21, 2021


WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Chamber of Commerce Vice President of Small Business Policy, Tom Sullivan released the following statement in response to President Biden’s revisions to the tax credit to compensate small businesses for providing paid time off for vaccines.

“We know that the sooner more Americans are vaccinated, the sooner we can fully reopen our economy and the Main Streets across America. Providing this additional aid and resources for small businesses is necessary given all the hurdles these job creators have faced throughout the pandemic.

“Small businesses have been and continue to be ready to take the necessary steps to keep their employees working and safe – and ensuring they have easy access to vaccines is one way they can do that. In fact, many employers are already providing time off for their employees to get vaccinated, and they are doing so on their own dime.

“Employers of all sizes play an important role in making it easy for employees and those in their communities to get vaccinated. Helping employers get more people vaccinated, especially through worksite clinics, is a path forward for our country’s public health and economic strength.”

Additionally, U.S. Chamber Small Business Council Member Jeff Good, President of Mangia Bene Restaurant Management Group in Mississippi, stated:

“The next logical step is for the government to give employers the opportunity to vaccinate people at work. In partnership with the Mississippi Health Department we are hosting an on-site vaccination day at our Broad Street Baking Company location this coming Wednesday and inviting staff from our three restaurants, along with family and friends to get vaccinated. As a restaurateur, I employ an employee base comprised of a broad range of socio-economic backgrounds and providing easy access via an on-site vaccination session is a way for me to break down some of the barriers to vaccine access.

“Small business owners like me are working hard to inform our teams, our customers, and our community that vaccinations are safe and are the clearest path towards returning to normal on Main Street. Helping us afford time off for our employees to get vaccinated is a valuable step forward towards that shared goal.”

In response to the toll of COVID-19 on small businesses, the Chamber launched the Save Small Business Initiative, and has been advocating for policies and aid to help companies stay afloat and keep paychecks flowing to American workers and families during this time. In response to the American Rescue Plan signed into law on March 11, 2021, the Chamber produced a Small Business Employee COVID-19 Vaccinations Employer Guide.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is committed to helping American businesses respond to the coronavirus so they can support their employees, customers, and communities and launched the Rally for Recovery Commitment (, as the latest step in the Chamber’s ongoing and expansive efforts to ensure business leaders have the tools and resources they need to inform and protect their employees, communicate to their customers, support their communities, and get our country back to health. The Rally for Recovery Commitment encourages every company and organization to continue to do their part to help protect our employees, customers and communities, so that together we can reignite the economy and defeat the pandemic.