Megan Van Etten


October 06, 2017


The American people are patiently waiting. Waiting for Congress to deliver on pro-growth tax reform.

That’s why we cooked up a handy tracker—a la the Domino’s Tracker—to help monitor the progress of this hot legislation.

Business owners and workers are starving for a complete tax code overhaul that grows the pie and puts more dough in their pockets. There are some key ingredients to get this done.

  1. Lower rates for all businesses
  2. An internationally competitive system
  3. Faster cost recovery for investments
  4. Simplicity
  5. Workable transition rules
  6. Certainty

On Thursday, the House took an important step by passing their 2018 budget resolution, including instructions allowing the Ways and Means Committee cooks to start making the sausage. But as the U.S. Chamber’s chief policy officer Neil Bradley said:

The work is just beginning. We need the Senate to act quickly and to come together with their colleagues to deliver legislation that unlocks the potential for an overhaul of the tax code that will grow the economy, create jobs, and raise wages.

We will be closely watching each step in this process—and are urging our members to stay engaged as well. As U.S. Chamber President and CEO Tom Donohue has explained, you may not like every topping on the pizza (no anchovies for me!), but you’ve got to look at the entire pie.

Tell Congress: The time for tax reform is now.

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