171120 kv tax reform senate


November 20, 2017



The U.S. Chamber of Commerce urges the Senate to consider and approve comprehensive, pro-growth tax reform legislation. The Chamber will include votes related to this legislation, including on the Motion to Proceed, in our How They Votedscorecard.

Want faster economic growth? Then now is the time for the full Senate to deliver on tax reform.

Enacting tax reform would unleash resources for businesses large and small to hire new workers, expand facilities, and purchase new equipment. Successful tax reform would help ensure that these investments are made here in the United States, and these investments would lead to higher wages and catalyze broad economic growth.

The Chamber applauds the work of both the Senate Committee on Finance for reporting a strong pro-growth tax reform bill, and for the House for completing work on their tax legislation. We believe that any imperfections in the House and Finance Committee bills can be addressed as the legislative process continues. We commit to working with all members of the House and Senate to refine and improve this legislation.

Tax reform is a big engine that will power a growing economy for years to come. Senate action to approve pro-growth, comprehensive tax reform legislation is the next critical step along the path.

Suzanne P. Clark
Senior Executive Vice President

171120 kv tax reform senate