Megan Van Etten


October 18, 2017


On the road to pro-growth tax reform, Tuesday was an important mile marker. Senators passed the motion to proceed on the FY18 budget resolution and shored up support from a couple wavering lawmakers. As The Washington Post put it:

Senate Republicans are now hopeful they can agree on a final budget resolution later this week, which is a key procedural step to help them pass a tax cut plan later in the year…

The Senate will debate the legislation for 50 hours, vote on amendments, and then bring it up for a full vote. The U.S. Chamber is actively encouraging Senators to vote ‘yes.’ Yesterday radio ads went up in the Bluegrass State, in addition to an existing digital campaign, urging Kentuckians to call Sen. Paul, a deciding vote on the budget.

[…] He has yet to commit his support to the only bill in Congress that can move President Trump’s middle class tax cuts forward.

Modernizing our tax system will help businesses create jobs and grow.

And it will make taxes lower, fairer and simpler for Kentucky families.

But that won’t happen if Senator Rand Paul blocks the budget this week.

Tell Senator Rand Paul to stand with Kentucky families and small businesses and support President Trump’s tax reform plan.

In a speech on Tuesday evening, President Trump called the GOP tax reform proposal a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to revitalize our economy.” He said to the Washington, D.C. crowd, “You understand that lower taxes mean bigger paychecks, more jobs and stronger growth. At the heart of our plan is a tax cut for everyday working Americans.”

The president called on Congress to pass tax reform by Christmas, delivering relief to job creators and families ahead of the new year. The U.S. Chamber echoes that request, and will be watching to see if our country’s elected officials can deliver.

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