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January 16, 2017



U.S. Chamber’s policy experts will dig into the issues and explain the pro-growth policies we need for our economy.

Last week to a full crowd at the U.S. Chamber, president and CEO Tom Donohue delivered the State of American Business address. While forecasting 2%-2.5% economic growth in 2017, he spelled out the need for faster economic growth and laid out an agenda—the American Growth Agenda—that will help businesses and consumers produce faster economic growth that creates jobs and boosts wages.

Unfortunately one can only go into so much detail in a speech. To help the public and policymakers better understand what needs to be done to generate vigorous economic growth, we’re launching State of American Business Issue Series.

Over the next few weeks, the U.S. Chamber’s policy experts will dig into the issues like infrastructure, energy, health care, and taxes, and explain what pro-growth policies are needed.

Here’s how it will work. Starting next week on Monday, there will be a post explaining the issue (for example, “The State of American Infrastructure”) and laying out some policy solutions. The following Thursday, we’ll host a Facebook Live chat to talk with a U.S. Chamber policy expert about that issue and answer some questions from the public. 

We hope this will be useful to educating the public, lawmakers, and federal officials about concrete solutions for improving our roads and bridges, producing more American energy, reforming our complicated tax system, and unleashing our economic potential.

Make sure you drop by Above the Fold next Monday when the series begins. And follow the conversation on Twitter with the #LetsGrow hashtag.

Links to the series are below:

  1. Modernizing Transportation Infrastructure
  2. Repairing our Health Care System
  3. Defending American Cybersecurity
  4. Fixing Our Broken Regulatory Process
  5. Protecting American Jobs Through Intellectual Property
  6. Helping Aviation Fly High
  7. Getting More People to Save for Retirement
  8. Seizing Main Street’s Moment of Opportunity
  9. Moving Technology Ahead
  10. Growing Our Economy: Past, Present, and Threats to the Future
  11. Forging Pro-Growth Tax Reform
  12. Strengthening American Energy

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Sean Hackbarth

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