July 20, 2017


Says It Will Hold Members of Congress Accountable for Legislative Action

WASHINGTON, D.C.— U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue today penned an open letter to all members of Congress demanding an end to the legislative gridlock that is holding progress hostage on critical issues like health care, tax reform, and infrastructure investment.

“In the upcoming cycle, in addition to looking for candidates who support free enterprise, we will be focusing on individuals with a demonstrated willingness to govern, which means reaching consensus so that legislation can be passed and enacted into law,” Donohue wrote. “Promises were made; promises must be kept.”

While the U.S. Chamber will continue to look for opportunities to improve access to affordable health care coverage and services, it is urging Congress to turn its attention to tax reform, which is a priority many in Congress share. Comprehensive tax reform will grow the economy and create jobs.

Donohue noted that true reform will “require compromise and give and take.” He added, “On issues requiring negotiation and compromise...there is a seeming inability to come together…And the problem isn’t just on the left, the right, or the center; it spans the political spectrum.”

The nation’s leading business group also said that it will evaluate 2018 congressional candidates based on their “support of the free enterprise system and their willingness to govern, as demonstrated by what role they played in helping enact the first major tax reform in 30 years.” The U.S. Chamber will also activate the business community, and its grassroots and national networks including state and local chambers of commerce, to hold their representatives accountable on this critical issue.

Donohue ended his open letter with stern words for lawmakers: “Members of Congress be warned: Failure is not an option.”

The full letter can be viewed here. The U.S. Chamber will judge any tax reform package on whether it achieves economic growth; its principles for pro-growth tax reform can be viewed here.