October 26, 2017


‘The American people expect and deserve better, so let’s get on with it and get it done,’ says Donohue

WASHINGTON, D.C.— U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue issued the following statement today after final passage of the Budget Resolution for FY18, unlocking the process to achieve pro-growth tax reform:

“We applaud the House and the Senate for passing the legislative vehicle that clears the way for historic tax reform that will simplify the code, lower rates for all businesses, and improve the economy. Our current tax code is complex and antiquated, holding back innovation, discouraging investment, and breeding uncertainty.

“With this important hurdle cleared, the tax-writing committees can move legislation forward and make progress toward meaningful reform this year. We’ve always said true reform is going to require compromise and give and take. As the hard work continues, I urge the business community and members of Congress to refrain from taking shots at individual provisions, and remain committed to advancing a tax reform package that will be a major improvement over the unacceptable status quo.

“Failure is not an option; and in fact, failing to reform the outdated tax code will actually halt recent economic improvements. The American people expect and deserve better, so let’s get on with it and get it done.”

The U.S. Chamber will judge any tax reform package on whether it improves economic growth; its principles for pro-growth tax reform can be viewed here.