011624 Title II Reply Comments FCC


January 16, 2024


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce (“Chamber”) respectfully submits these reply comments in response to the notice of proposed rulemaking (“NPRM”) in the above-titled proceeding.1 The record developed in the initial comments in this proceeding confirms the Chamber’s conclusions that American broadband networks have flourished under the Commission’s current tailored approach to broadband regulation, made possible by Title I classification. In addition, none of the comments provide a persuasive reason to believe that Title II classification is necessary for any of the public policy goals identified by the Commission in its NPRM. Nor do any comments alter the conclusion that a new Title II order would be unlawful and destined to be vacated by the U.S. Supreme Court. The Chamber urges the Commission to stay the course and preserve broadband’s current Title I classification, while focusing on pro-competitive, bipartisan solutions that will help ensure American leadership in next-generation connectivity.

Full comment letter can be found here.

011624 Title II Reply Comments FCC