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July 19, 2019


Consumer access to meaningful, actionable and credible information on healthcare providers and services is critical to better healthcare decision-making. However, information provided to consumers should ultimately provide them with tools to make better decisions with their own health benefits.

In partnership with Morning Consult, we recently conducted a poll of 2,200 Americans, seeking their opinions on a national database that would store personal healthcare information without their choice or consent.

Ultimately, the poll found that creating a national healthcare claims database, or All Payer Claims Database (APCD), raises concerns among Americans over the privacy of their personal healthcare information.

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Fewer than a thirdof Americans support legislation that would create a new national claims database to store Americans highly-sensitive and protected personally identifiable health information without choice or consent.

Graphic that indicates 94% of Americans believe that their security of personal health information is important.

Nearly all Americans (94%)believe the privacy and security of their personal health information is important


74% of Americans agree that putting health information in a national database would put the privacy of millions of American’s health information at risk

Instead, 4 in 5 Americanssay that we need to study how best to safeguard our data before putting private information at risk

Instead of creating a national healthcare claims database, the Chamber encourages the consideration of alternatives, such as investing in state APCDs, which would meet the same objectives without the substantial risks involved in centralizing claims data for millions of beneficiaries.

190645 topline adults v2 jb