March 02, 2020


Chamber president, Suzanne Clark writes an op-ed in CNN Business on why funding NASA is a bipartisan issue and the potential effects it will have on the American economy for years to come.

President Trump's budget, which was released last month,outlines several moonshots that are unlikely to pass a divided Congress. But there's one in particular that both Republicans and Democrats should support wholeheartedly: the $25.2 billion request to fund NASA, a 12% boost over the prior year.

The future of our economy depends on the vigorous pursuit of space exploration. And with NASA leading the way, the potential for growth — like space itself — has no limits.

Since NASA's launch, American space exploration has always been a bipartisan venture. It was President Kennedy who announced our goal of going to the moon, but it was President Nixon who brought that goal to fruition. Reaching the next milestone in interplanetary travel requires a commitment from our leaders that spans political parties and administrations.

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