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February 03, 2020



We, the undersigned organizations, strongly oppose H.R. 2474, the “Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act,” which would harm workers, employers, and the American economy, and we urge Members of Congress to vote no on this legislation.

The PRO Act includes numerous objectionable provisions. For example, the bill would undermine private ballot elections, instead forcing workers into a “card check” process under which they have to make public their support or opposition to having a union in their workplace. Card check can lead to intimidation and harassment, and subvert the democratic process meant to protect workers.

The PRO Act would also effectively repeal all states’ right-to-work laws, forcing workers who choose to opt-out of union activities to pay dues—or potentially lose their jobs.

In addition, the PRO Act would import from California a strict definition of independent contractor that all but eliminates the ability of workers and businesses to utilize this business model. This definition, recently signed into law, has sparked litigation and caused confusion and uncertainty across numerous industries. Worse yet, it has already caused some workers in California to lose their jobs.

Finally, the PRO Act would impose an unworkable, vague, and liability-expanding joint employer standard under the National Labor Relations Act. This standard would impose liability on businesses for workers they don’t employ and workplaces they don’t control.

The harmful provisions just mentioned only scratch the surface of the problems with H.R. 2474. Given the significant damage this bill would cause if enacted, it is deeply concerning that the House of Representatives would consider bringing it to the floor. We urge all members of Congress to vote against the PRO Act.


Peter J. Pantuso, President & CEO
American Bus Association

Chip Rogers, President & CEO
American Hotel & Lodging Association

Cody Lusk, President & CEO
American International Automobile Dealers Association

Michael Bellaman, President & CEO
Associated Builders and Contractors

Charles N. Kahn III, President & CEO
Federation of American Hospitals

Paul Van Deventer, President & CEO
Meeting Professionals International

Jay Timmons, President & CEO
National Association of Manufacturers

Pat Cleary, President & CEO
National Association of Professional Employer Organizations

Dirk Van Dongen, President & CEO
National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

Matthew Shay, President & CEO
National Retail Federation

Reid Ribble, CEO
National Roofing Contractors Association

Robert Voltmann, President & CEO
Transportation Intermediaries Association

Tom Stenzel, President & CEO
United Fresh Produce Association

Suzanne P. Clark, President
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

200203 coalition h r 2474 proact house