February 13, 2019


Board Will Help Craft a Workforce Strategy to Equip America’s Students and Workers with Skills They Need in Today’s Economy

WASHINGTON, D.C. —U.S. Chamber President and CEO Thomas J. Donohue today was selected to serve on the administration’s American Workforce Policy Advisory Board. The Board will help guide the National Council for the American Worker, created in July 2018, as it develops and implements a workforce strategy to meet the needs of today’s economy.

“The U.S. Chamber has long been committed to strengthening our nation’s workforce,” said Donohue. “We have led with innovative, action-oriented solutions focused on increasing employer engagement, improving how talent needs are communicated, and modernizing the technology that powers the talent marketplace. I look forward to working with the administration and this impressive group of leaders to shape a national strategy to help close the skills gap and build a workforce that supports our robust economy.”

The Advisory Board will help guide the National Council’s work in establishing a strategy to ensure that America’s students and workers have access to affordable, relevant, and innovative education and job training that will better equip them to compete in the global economy. This includes promoting multiple education and training pathways, improving labor market data, identifying strategies to improve private sector investments in American students and workers, and increasing transparency and outcomes of education and job training programs.

In addition to the Advisory Board, Donohue served an active role on the Department of Labor’s Task Force for Apprenticeship Expansion, which offered recommendations to bolster learning and employment opportunities for Americans.

The U.S. Chamber and the U.S. Chamber Foundation have long supported and championed initiatives to address workforce challenges. Last October, Donohue delivered a speech on the state of the American workforce, highlighting priorities for “closing the skills gap and closing the people gap.” Highlights and video of that speech are available here.

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