240227 KV H R 6585 Bipartisan Workforce Pell Act House


February 27, 2024


To the Members of the U.S. House of Representatives:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce strongly supports H.R. 6585, the Bipartisan Workforce Pell Act, which would allow Pell Grants to support eligible students enrolled in short-term programs focused on in-demand jobs and that meet their career goals. The Chamber will consider including votes on this legislation in our How They Voted Congressional scorecard.

Building a skilled workforce is a top issue for the business community, and America must provide more opportunities and on-ramps for those seeking to build the skills necessary for today’s labor market. This legislation is a win-win for both individuals and employers.

We are particularly pleased the legislation recognizes the role for-profit and online institutions can play in delivering high-quality programs to students, while also setting a high bar for all institutions and programs to meet outcomes focused on completion and earnings. We also support the opportunity for students to participate in programs provided by high-quality, non-traditional institutions not otherwise eligible for federal student financial aid, and encourage consideration of that expansion in future legislative efforts. 

The Chamber supports the Bipartisan Workforce Pell Act and strongly urges you to vote for passage on the House floor.



Tom Wickham

Senior Vice President

U.S. Chamber of Commerce


240227 KV H R 6585 Bipartisan Workforce Pell Act House