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June 03, 2019



The U.S. Chamber of Commerce strongly supports H.R. 6, the “American Dream and Promise Act of 2019,” and will consider including votes on this legislation in our annual How They Voted scorecard.

It is long past time for Congress to address America’s broken immigration system. While H.R. 6 is not a complete solution, it would address two very important issues: Dreamers and the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program.

American businesses across a host of industries are very concerned about the uncertain future facing their employees who are Dreamers or beneficiaries of the TPS program. In addition, many American workers are employed by businesses started by Dreamers or TPS recipients. The vast majority of Dreamers know no other home than the U.S., while many TPS beneficiaries have legally lived and worked here for as much as two decades. Given these circumstances, Congress should act to provide these people with the ability to remain in the U.S.

H.R. 6 would provide a permanent solution to the plight faced by Dreamers and long-term TPS recipients by providing qualifying individuals with the opportunity to become lawful permanent residents. This important step would provide these individuals the prospect of becoming American citizens in the future, and would ensure that the approximately one million Dreamers and TPS recipients who are currently authorized to work in the U.S. can continue to be employed. Allowing these individuals to be able to obtain permanent legal status is not only good for businesses and the economy, but it is the right thing to do.

Beyond H.R. 6 there are many other issues that need to be addressed by Congress to fix our broken immigration system, including such priorities as improving border security and reforming the employment-based immigrant and nonimmigrant visa programs to better meet economic and workforce needs. We look forward to working with all members of Congress to address all of those issues in a manner that garners the necessary bipartisan, bicameral support and the President’s signature.


Suzanne P. Clark
Senior Executive Vice President
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

190603 kv h r 6 house