Roddy Tabatabai Roddy Tabatabai
Partner, Change for Balance


September 14, 2022


As co-founder and partner at Change for Balance, a full-service strategic communications and production agency on a life-long journey to change this world for the better, it has always been my goal to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment. 

My passion for building equity and allyship across our communities is a personal one. While non-disabled, I am an ally and advocate, and I am a person of color as my parents emigrated from Iran years ago. I understand the extreme value of what an underrepresented perspective can bring to the table and how critical it is to create workplaces where everyone feels a sense of belonging. Plus, in my work as a filmmaker, I’ve been privileged to travel the world to showcase stories that capture people’s hearts and minds – from climate action to animal welfare, human rights and yes, disability inclusion. 

When building our workgroup at Change for Balance, we asked ourselves, what community is not properly represented in the workforce? Who is not getting a seat at the table? Who’s missing? After learning that the largest minority group in the United States are the 61+ million Americans living with disabilities, I was shocked to learn that the employment rate for people with disabilities was so extremely low. Thus, our company took on its next mission – HIRE MORE PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES! And we did!  

Straight out of the gate, the first thing I learned working alongside my colleagues with disabilities is that they are extremely talented problem-solvers with valuable perspectives. People with disabilities are constantly seeking out ways to perform tasks which others take for granted, and that outside-the-box style of thinking is essential to growing, improving performance, and elevating our work -- companywide! 

It is a privilege to work alongside my colleagues with disabilities. The work ethic that comes from the disabled community is unmatched. In addition to enhancing our work at Change for Balance, hiring people with disabilities at our company has also brought my own personal work ethic to new heights as the disabled community encourages me to often think differently, opening my eyes to an entirely different perspective I hadn’t previously encountered. 

The pool of talented professionals with disabilities doesn’t stop at Change for Balance – they are everywhere and in all professions. In fact, CFB recently worked with a cast and crew of 70% people with disabilities to produce a nationwide PSA series for Easterseals. We even hired a stylist with a disability!  

We realize disability inclusion doesn't stop at our doors; we can collaborate, hire, and contract with talented professionals with disabilities from across the United States and beyond. The practice of including people in front of and behind the camera will be a priority of CFB now, and in the future, whether we are working on Easterseals content or elsewhere! 

My advice to any business or work group looking to take their company to new heights:  hire more people with disabilities! They will get the job done. 

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    Roddy Tabatabai

    Roddy Tabatabai

    Roddy Tabatabai is an award-winning filmmaker and Co-Founder of Change for Balance which is a full-service strategic communications and production agency on a life-long journey to change this world for the better.