FBI This Week: Strengthening Partnerships with America’s Business Community

FBI Office of Private Sector
Wednesday, March 7, 2018 - 8:30pm
Listen to how the Office of Private Sector is strengthening the FBI's relationships with U.S. businesses to protect the nation’s economy and national security.
Audio Transcript
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Mollie Halpern: To protect the nation’s economy and national security, the FBI is strengthening its relationships with the U.S. business community.
The private sector spoke—and the FBI responded.
Shannon Rose: We heard from the private sector that they wanted one place to call, and so we created the Office of Private Sector to provide that one place for them to connect with us.
Halpern: That was Unit Chief Shannon Rose, who says the FBI partners with the private sector in many ways, including....
Rose: …concerns they may have which could be cyber related, or it could be an employee who has access to information and could be potentially trying to sell that information to a competitor or a foreign adversary.
Halpern: The FBI has at least one private sector coordinator in each of its 56 field offices across the country. The coordinators connect callers with who they need to engage with—making it easier to address the needs of private industry.
Rose: We want the private sector to know that we are here to listen to them, to listen to their risks and their concerns, and then to help them—through partnership—mitigate those risks and concerns.
Halpern: If your company wants to begin building a trusted relationship with the FBI, call your local field office and ask for the private sector coordinator. With FBI, This Week, I’m Mollie Halpern of the Bureau.
About the Office of Private Sector (OPS). It provides an organized, coordinated, and horizontal approach to how the FBI engages with the private sector. It serves as the entity within the FBI that has a 360 degree understanding of the FBI’s engagement with the private sector—enterprise-wide. It allows for one “FBI voice” and connects private industry with who they need to connect with—whatever the concern. 
Among other activities, OPS works to enhance the FBI's understanding of the private sector's risks and needs, increases collaboration and information-sharing between the Bureau and the private sector, and mitigates threats through longstanding, mutually beneficial partnerships between the private sector and the FBI.
For more information on the Office's efforts,, click here.