June 2023 Accredited Chambers List By State


June 16, 2023


For over 50 years, the U.S. Chamber’s Accreditation program has recognized the work of outstanding chambers across the country. This prestigious designation acknowledges the high-quality work and impactful programs of chambers of commerce.  

By earning the Accreditation designation from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, a chamber shows its dedication to the following processes: 

  • Ensuring operational excellence within the organization 
  • Establishing best-practices and regularly evaluating against industry standards 
  • Supporting the principles of free enterprise and promoting pro-growth policies at the federal, state, and local levels 
  • Recognizing the leadership and outstanding contributions chamber staff and volunteers make in their communities 

Elite chambers across the country

Of the nearly 7,000 chambers of commerce throughout the country, 194 are currently Accredited.  

These elite chambers represent the top 3% of all chambers.  

  • 4 are Accredited 
  • 8 are Accredited with 3 Stars 
  • 35 are Accredited with 4 Stars 
  • 140 are Accredited with 5 Stars   
  • 2 are Accredited State Chamber 
  • 5 are Accredited State Chamber with Distinction 

We are pleased to recognize these 194 outstanding chambers in celebration of the high-quality expertise and impactful leadership displayed by their teams.  These chambers are effective advocates for their region’s business community and true leaders in the chamber industry.   


Learn more about Accreditation

If you work at, or if you know of, a highly-performing chamber in your area, and would like to learn more about how to become an Accredited chamber, please visit the Accreditation website for resources including: 

  • Application for submission 
  • Important deadlines 
  • Frequently asked questions 
  • Best practices document samples 
  • Webinar archive 

Accreditation Program staff is happy to help!  

Please reach out to Ali Ehrlich, IOM, CAE for additional information. 

June 2023 Accredited Chambers List By State