October 27, 2021


For more than a decade, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has asserted that the climate is changing, humans are contributing to these changes, and inaction is not an option.

American businesses are playing an essential role in addressing the threats posed by climate change, and the business community is an essential partner in the development of sound policies that protect our planet.

The Chamber’s members are already developing, financing, building, and operating the innovative solutions needed to effectively reduce emissions, combat climate change, and meet rising energy demands. We support market-based solutions to reduce emissions and support U.S. competitiveness, national security, and American workers.

Here are some key details of our work.

The Chamber is actively engaged in solutions that combat climate change.

Chamber members are engaged in determining the best approaches to counter climate change and agree that inaction is not an option.

  • The Chamber is committed to representing its diverse membership in addressing climate change and advancing economic prosperity. The Chamber evaluates and engages on climate change policy approaches that acknowledge the cost of inaction and the competitiveness of the U.S. economy.
  • The Chamber is focused on finding durable solutions that leverage innovation and the strength of American business, including market-based mechanisms to drive down emissions.
  • Chamber members are demonstrating that significant progress is not only possible, but also already underway.

Combating climate change requires citizens, governments, and businesses to work together. Inaction is not an option, and the Chamber continues to advance solutions that leverage the innovation and the strength of American business to find durable solutions that improve our environment, grow our economy, and leave the world better for generations to come.

But just because we share a common goal, that does not mean we agree on every proposed solution. The Chamber has long believed that we can address climate change and support economic growth, job creation, and American competitiveness.