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October 22, 2020


Helping homeless individuals has always been part of the Bombas mission, but during the coronavirus pandemic the company used the power of social media to expand its philanthropic efforts from helping the homeless community to helping frontline healthcare workers.

On March 18, just a few days after the virus was declared a global pandemic, Bombas released a tweet, saying: “Offices stocked up on supplies and then everyone started working from home. Homeless individuals are in desperate need of these critically important items.”

The tweet lists soap, hand sanitizer, and wipes as items that would be helpful for individuals facing homelessness and used its platform to help and direct its followers to redistribute new, unused products to those who need them. They set up an email address and even offered to help move the unused items if needed.

More Philanthropy Amid COVID-19

As the pandemic continued, Bombas expanded its giving efforts. In April, Bombas teamed up with New York City restaurant Village Den to collect critically needed items for both the homeless community and health care workers. The companies called for supplies including gloves, protective masks, and gowns, for health care workers, and wipes, hand sanitizer, and soap for homeless individuals.

Bombas again tapped the power of social media by tweeting: “Let us know what giving back looks like in your community by tagging your post with #givelocal and @bombas,” promoting a campaign in partnership with NYC Relief and NYC Hospitals.

In May, Bombas further stepped up by donating their flagship product—Bombas socks—to health care providers on the frontlines.

The company announced, “We donated 15,000 pairs of socks to Founders Give, an organization that delivers much-needed items to those working in NYC's hospitals. We hope that these socks will give nurses a little comfort as they continue to keep our communities safe.”

A Generous Business Model

Offering a helping hand came as second nature to the socially conscious sock company, which has had a philanthropy-driven business model since its start. Through its one-to-one model, any time a customer purchases a pair of socks, Bombas donates a pair to someone in need.

Recently, Bombas has continued to expand and innovate these efforts by adding T-Shirts and other items.

“Bombas was founded on the philosophy of donating socks to those in need, but has evolved to go deeper into the community. The more clothing items we sell, the more we donate. As we grow, our giving and community efforts will continue to grow right alongside us,” the company website states.

As of September 1, Bombas has donated over 30 million items.

Built around the values of giving and social consciousness, with a focus on local homeless communities, Bombas’ mission is to help support and bring awareness to homelessness.

A core company belief: A more comfortable world is a better world. Everyone, no matter their circumstances, deserves to put on clean clothes that makes them feel good.

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