August 02, 2023


The U.S. Chamber’s Next-Gen Business Partnership is a nationwide initiative that helps to develop the next generation of business leaders.

Most recently, the Chamber combined forces with Urban Alliance, an organization that connects high school students to careers through paid school internships, mentorship, and professional development. 

The Next-Gen Business Partnership and Urban Alliance hosted an event, “Fueling the Next Generation to Succeed,” in which both the college and high school students learned from each other and gained key insights from Chamber leaders, corporate executives, and government officials. Notable speakers included Neil Bradley, U.S. Chamber Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer; Marguerite Eastwood, The U.S. Chamber’s Chief Human Resources Officer; Roosevelt Holmes, Senior Advisor for Cyber Awareness at The White House; Erik Prince, Director of Congressional Affairs at United Airlines; Bahati VanPelt, Director of Business Development at Right Management; and Rahama Wright, CEO of Shea Yeleen. 

Informative sessions focused on the role of business in America and building successful careers within corporate and government environments. Speakers shared their personal journeys, including the challenges they faced as younger professionals.  

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