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Next-Gen Business Partnership

The Next-Gen Business Partnership is a nationwide initiative to develop the next generation of diverse business leaders.

Next-Gen Business Partnership

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is partnering with historically black colleges and universities and minority serving institutions to promote diversity at all levels of business. The Next-Gen Business Partnership exposes minority students to new career opportunities; promotes entrepreneurship; and encourages knowledge sharing among academics, business leaders, and trade associations.

Companies with greater diversity outperform their peers

Women and minorities have been underrepresented across many industries and in positions of leadership. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is stepping up to address these challenges and to help develop the next generation of diverse business leaders, we've launched the Next-Gen Business Partnership.

The four core programs

Next-Gen ScholarsU.S. Chamber provides competitive internship opportunities for university students to serve in departments across the organization based on their interests and academic majors. Executive Speaker Series: U.S. Chamber executives address university students and faculty on important issues ranging from public policy and government to management and leadership. Faculty and Administration Research: U.S. Chamber provides executive level education opportunities to university faculty based on their area of academic focus. Entrepreneurship Development: U.S. Chamber has partnered with Sky’s The Limit as they aim to become the world's leading digital accelerator for underrepresented young adult entrepreneurs, providing one-on-one support from their peers & volunteer professionals, as well as training & funding.

Now accepting applications for the 2022 Next-Gen Scholars Program

To apply:

  1. Visit our internships page
  2. View our current openings and select up to two department preferences
  3. Complete the application and check the “Next-Gen Scholars program” box under Section II, Application
  4. Please save your documents as PDFs or Word Documents and title them in the following format: [Last name, First name __ Resume], [Last name, First name __ Intern Application]
  5. Once you have selected which departments you wish to apply for, send your resume and completed application (located below) to
  6. In the subject line of your email, indicate the two internship positions that you are applying for. For example: "International Affairs Intern and Policy Intern".

Note: this will be a hybrid internship and will be conducted in-person in our Washington D.C. offices and remotely. Applicants may select either monetary compensation or academic credit. Applicants must be currently enrolled at a historically black college or university or other minority serving institution.

What Next-Gen Scholars are saying

Sara Slane, Senior Vice President of Public Affairs, American Gaming Association
Kerimal Guerrero, Howard Student & Chamber Scholar
Christian Hemans, Howard Student & Chamber Scholar

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