March 04, 2020


Freedom a la Cart, a social enterprise, brings hope to survivors of human trafficking so that they can build new lives of freedom and self-sufficiency. The company believes that giving women practical job skills and helping them develop a strong work ethic are critical for creating a pathway to freedom.

Doma International was founded by Julie Clark in 2009 to meet the needs of human trafficking survivors. Two years later, the program was expanded to fill the void between restoration and economic independence. To this end, Freedom a la Cart, formed under the auspices of Doma International, gave survivors a job and means to live. Freedom a la Cart started as a food cart and later expanded into a boxed lunch and catering service.

The 2014 merge of Doma International and Freedom a la Cart combined support services with social enterprise through one deliciously harmonious brand. Today, our support services program and catering social enterprise are now under one name: Freedom a la Cart. What was once a single food cart is now a bustling box lunch catering company.

As these amazing women continue on their journey of rescue, rehabilitation, and restoration—the ultimate path toward a triumphant return to society—the result couldn’t be more appetizing: Cause Cuisine.