March 04, 2020


After a life-changing trip to India in 2011, Nicole Robyn started Polished Pearl, a women’s and bridal accessories company that employs survivors of human trafficking. There she learned that of the 40 million + enslaved people, less than 1% have a way out. Of those, approximately 80% are re-exploited owing to the scarcity of employment opportunities.

She serves on the board of the Freedom Business Alliance, which scales the freedom business movement. Businesses in the Alliance provide approximately 2,000 jobs for survivors and those at risk of being trafficked.

Robyn and her daughter, Karin, opened Freedom Society, a gift shop and tea room in Fredericksburg, Virginia, that helps create sustainable freedom for survivors of human trafficking through their products and profits.

Polished Pearl/Freedom Society Tea and Gifts
1015 Caroline St Fredericksburg VA 22401