February 05, 2020


About Selah Freedom and The Selah Way Foundation 

Selah Freedom

Selah Freedom is a leading nonprofit service provider whose mission is to end commercial sex trafficking and bring freedom to the exploited through four programs: Advocacy and Awareness, Prevention, Outreach, and Residential.

The organization’s Advocacy and Awareness initiative educates individuals on the dangers posed by human trafficking and works with legislators to bring justice to victims.

Through Prevention, the nonprofit educates and empowers students and equips them with knowledge to stay protected.

The Outreach component partners with law enforcement to reach survivors of sex trafficking on the streets and in the jail system and includes a prostitution diversion program, one of the first of its kind.

The Residential unit provides resources for healing, including a personalized education plan, trauma therapy, horse therapy, and mentorship.

The Selah Way Foundation 

The Selah Way Foundation offers care for sex trafficking survivors. It is a global network of anti-sex trafficking service providers dedicated to eradicating this problem globally through three initiatives: Prevention, Protection, and Provision.

  • Prevention educates and empowers children and interveners through customized, cutting-edge curriculums so that they can recognize signs of exploitation and discover the power of their voice to speak out against abuse.
  • Protection trains first responders and medical professionals, in partnership with the Global Strategic Operatives Unit and former law enforcement officers. These experts train professionals working with individuals at-risk for and involved in exploitation on how to protect victims and take action against predators.
  • Provision provides a safe haven for survivors of sexual exploitation to heal from trauma and receive restorative services.