October 10, 2019


We continue to promote the common-sense idea that investment in modernizing and repairing America’s infrastructure is essential to our prosperity, competitiveness, and quality of life. But momentum in Congress to fund this initiative has languished, according to this Wall Street Journal report, and the unmet need for improvements is having serious consequences:


Small businesses need improvements to crumbling highways, local roads, and bridges to be successful. And we need to move forward on a plan that enhances public safety and economic growth. The Chamber is taking part in these efforts, as McClatchy reporter David Lightman noted in this story featuring an interview with US Chamber’s Ed Mortimer.

Sinclair Broadcast Group featured more of Ed Mortimer’s views advocating for a proposed federal fuel tax increase to fund infrastructure projects:

Ed Mortimer, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce expert on infrastructure told Sinclair the President and Congress should enact a 5% annual hike over 5 years on the federal fuel tax, which hasn’t seen an increase since 1993.”


"That would create $400 billion to modernize our infrastructure and leave an asset that both urban and rural America can benefit from for 50 years to come." – Ed Mortimer

The WSJ correctly pointed out Members of Congress have expressed support for an increase to the federal fuel tax – and McClatchy addressed how the Chamber recently mobilized 180 business and labor organizations to “build support” for the plan.
We can achieve responsible infrastructure improvements through:

  • a modest increase in the federal fuel fee,
  • expanded financing options, public-private partnerships, and streamlining the permitting process to get projects off the ground; and
  • developing a skilled workforce to build these projects.

And we are willing to work with any party, industry, labor organization, or local or state leader to get this done.