210610 infrastructure senate


June 10, 2021



The U.S. Chamber of Commerce strongly urges the Senate to support ongoing bipartisan efforts to enact comprehensive infrastructure legislation. Recent actions demonstrate there is more common ground between Democrats and Republicans on the core elements of a bill that would address America’s critical and longstanding needs.

The current efforts of bipartisan Senators seeking consensus should be embraced – not shunned. Their work, and the bipartisan surface transportation bill reported by the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, recent broader infrastructure proposals by Senator Capito, the water infrastructure bill approved by the Senate by a vote of 89 to 2, and other discussions prove there are paths that will lead to a bill that can be signed into law.

Fundamental, durable policy is not achieved when one political party pushes through legislation on their own. A partisan budget reconciliation process would delay action and create far more controversies and political division. We urge you to continue the bipartisan path that will build consensus and common ground solutions and to avoid unnecessary, divisive, and time-consuming reconciliation procedures.

The need for action on infrastructure legislation is growing by the day. We strongly encourage Republicans and Democrats to stay the course and produce a bill that will be a win for American businesses, workers, and their families.


Neil L. Bradley

210610 infrastructure senate