June 23, 2021


2021 will be a pivotal year for U.S. engagement with our commercial and strategic partners around the globe. While the United States will play an important role in driving post-pandemic economic recovery, we cannot do it alone. We will need to work together to advance a host of shared priorities: opening global markets for the business community; seizing opportunities for mutually-beneficial cross-border investments; and advancing policies that promote sustainable and equitable growth.

In engagements with U.S. and foreign governments, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has underscored the importance of close collaboration with the private sector. Bringing business to the table can help inform the investment and regulatory policies, and support the bilateral and multilateral engagements, needed to create sustained prosperity for American businesses, workers and communities – and our international partners.

With these goals in mind, the Chamber’s bilateral and regional councils developed recommendations for the Biden Administration, covering every region of the world. Check out all of our recommendations, as well as our broader international agenda.