Capturing Global Supply Chains USIBC ELP WEBSITE FINAL


February 01, 2020


An occasional white paper by the U.S.-India Business Council and ELP.


COVID-19 has revealed the vulnerabilities of well-established international supply chains and acted as a catalyst for companies to reconfigure value chain networks with a focus on resiliency and reliability.  With India – and the rest of the world – still combating an unprecedented global pandemic, it is more important than ever to implement policies and practices that ensure the safety of our citizens, support economic reopening, and create a business environment that will support strong future growth.

To that end, the U.S. – India Business Council (USIBC) and Economic Laws Practice (ELP) conducted a survey of USIBC member companies to solicit recommendations on the policy reforms, regulations, and incentives that will make India a more attractive investment destination. The USIBC membership includes some of the world’s largest multinational companies, and this report represents a cross-section of those companies, with inputs drawn from every major sector.

USIBC and our members have worked extensively with the Government of India (GoI) to achieve shared economic and development goals. This report seeks to continue that partnership and support the inbound investment that can serve as a foundation for future economic growth and prosperity.

Read the report: Positioning India to Capture Global Supply Chains & Grow Economic Opportunity