Middle East, Turkey and Central Asia

The U.S. Chamber's Middle East, Turkey and Central Asia program is the premiere business advocacy platform for strengthening the commercial relationships between the United States and Turkey, as well as the United States and the Middle East region.


The U.S. Chamber continues to lead the business community's efforts to shape policies that advance U.S. trade and investment in these countries. Our programs and initiatives help expand U.S. companies' access to the growing markets in the Middle East, Turkey and Central Asia attract inward investment into the United States.

Recent Activity

Above the FoldJun 24, 2021 - 8:30am
Recommendations to Israel

Strengthening U.S.-Israel Relationship: 4 Ideas for the Biden Administration and Israeli Government

Last week, a new coalition government was sworn into power in Israel, led by Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Alternative Prime Minister / Foreign Minister Yair Lapid.  Both pledged to focus on critical consensus issues and underscored the importance of strengthening Israel’s cooperation with the United States.

ReportJun 23, 2021 - 11:30am

Policy Recommendations: U.S.-Israel

U.S.-Israel commercial ties are contributing to our economy, support thousands of jobs in the U.S. and Israel, and drive game-changing innovation in critical sectors, including health care, financial services, hi-tech, and sustainability. Despite these successes, the once pioneering policies that support U.S.-Israel commerce are increasingly losing their competitive edge. The global economy has changed remarkably since Israel and the U.S. laid these cornerstones many decades ago. On behalf of our member companies, the U.S.-Israel Business Council recommend our governments consider the following 4 Big Ideas as they chart a way forward on U.S.-Israel relations.

Above the FoldJun 03, 2021 - 11:45am
UAE graphic

Bilateral Cooperation with the UAE on Climate, Digital Trade, Financial Services Innovation & Healthcare: 4 Ideas for the Biden Administration

The Biden Administration has prioritized efforts on ‘Climate Diplomacy’ since taking office in January 2021. Decarbonization, sustainability, and clean energy are top-tiered areas of focus as we enter a new era of U.S.

ReportJun 03, 2021 - 9:00am

Policy Recommendations for the New Administration: UAE

The United States and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) enjoy a strong and strategic bilateral relationship with the economic partnership serving as a critical avenue for mutual collaboration and investment. As a global hub for innovation, business, and finance, the UAE has increasingly become a more attractive destination for U.S. companies to invest and do business. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and its U.S.-UAE Business Program are ready to work with the Biden Administration as it considers the future of the U.S.-UAE bilateral relationship through the newly established Strategic Dialogue and continuation of the existing Economic Policy Dialogue.

Above the FoldApr 29, 2021 - 12:30pm

Expanding U.S.-Israel Partnerships in Health Innovation

Learn more about the U.S.-Israel Business Council's bilateral health innovation dialogue.

Above the FoldApr 14, 2021 - 2:30pm
U.S.-Egypt Business relations

From Pharaohs and Pyramids to Post-Pandemic Priorities in Egypt: 4 Ideas for the Biden Administration

Four recommendations for the Biden Administration to strengthen U.S.-Egypt business relations.

ReportApr 14, 2021 - 1:00pm

Policy Recommendations for the New Administration: Egypt

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's U.S.-Egypt Business Council offers recommendations to enhance the U.S.-Egypt economic relationship.

EventApr 07, 2021 - 4:00pm to 5:15pm

Virtual InSTEP with Ash Carter

Join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce for a session with former Secretary of Defense and Harvard Kennedy School Director of the Belfer Center Ash Carter, moderated by Washington Post Columnist David Ignatius.

Above the FoldMar 22, 2021 - 12:30pm
iraq and us trade and economics

Reimagining the U.S.-Iraq Economic Relationship: 4 Ideas for the Biden Administration

The United States and Iraq must work together to bring about better opportunities and economic prosperity for the Iraqi people to help secure a stable, democratic and growing Iraq.

ReportMar 22, 2021 - 11:00am

Policy Recommendations for the New Administration: Iraq

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce's U.S.-Iraq Business Council offers recommendations to reimagine the U.S.-Iraq economic relationship.