Air Date

June 23, 2021


Latricia Boone
Former Vice President, U.S. Chamber of Commerce


Latricia Boone, the Vice President of the Equality of Opportunity Initiative for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, gave closing remarks during the second annual National Summit on Equality of Opportunity.

"Last year, we made a commitment to unveil a robust new agenda that built on existing programs and proposed new solutions to closing the existing opportunity gaps and key areas we've heard about today — education, employment, entrepreneurship, criminal justice, health, and wealth," Boone said. "In the months that followed, we partnered with stakeholders across the country. And we advanced this agenda in meaningful ways. There's no doubt that there's much more work to be done, but we are proud of the progress we've been able to make and inspired by where we're going together. Today's summit is a reminder that we can drive meaningful, measurable impact through public policy and private sector solutions."