Political Affairs and Federation Relations

The Political Affairs and Federation Relations division manages relationships with state and local chambers of commerce, trade associations and small businesses and has a membership presence in every state across the country.


We are focused on electing or re-electing pro-business candidates to Congress. That goal is supported by grassroots and lobbying programs to promote policy that positively affects businesses and the economy.

Chamber's How They Voted Scorecard released at the 2019 State of American Business Address

For more than 40 years, the How They Voted scorecard has been a critical component of the U.S. Chamber’s work.

Beginning with the current Congress, we are revising our scorecard to more fully reward members of Congress for helping to advance pro-business policies while simultaneously encouraging members to reach the compromises necessary for effective governing.

Previously, a member’s annual How They Voted score solely reflected how consistently he or she voted with the Chamber’s position on legislation identified as important to the business community.

The Chamber will produce individual report cards for all members that will show how the member compares to the rest of the Congress, their party, and their delegation.

The new scorecard is made up of three components:


1. Legislative Vote Score (80% of the total score)

This score functions like the current scorecard with one change: We now reserve the right to doubleweight votes so long as the decision to double-weight the vote is communicated to Capitol Hill in advance.

2. Legislative Leadership Score (10% of the total score)

This score is based on the number of Chamber-endorsed bills a member cosponsors and Chamber-opposed bills the member declines to cosponsor.

Example: If a Member co-sponsors 23 of 30 Chamber-endorsed bills and declines to sponsor all five Chamber opposed bills, her Legislative Leadership Score would be 80% (with the Chamber on 28 of 35 bills).

The Chamber will communicate to Capitol Hill its endorsement or opposition to bills and maintain a current list on USChamber.com.

3. Bipartisan Engagement Score (10% of total score)

This score is based on the share of bills (other than those formally opposed by the Chamber) cosponsored by the member that were introduced by members of the opposite party. This score is calculated relative to the member’s performance against all other members.

Example: If a Republican Member cosponsors 31 bills in total and 19 were introduced by Democrats, 62% of his cosponsored bills will be considered cross-party.

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