Policy Advocacy

The USKBC offers a robust program focused on policy advocacy. This involves sharing timely and insightful information affecting member companies, facilitating a unified response to issues of concern, and collaborating with government and business stakeholders on policy recommendations.

Forums with Government and Business Leaders

The USKBC organizes business forums and events with senior-level Korean and U.S. government officials, business executives, and policy experts throughout the year. These forums, private roundtable discussions, and networking events provide USKBC members an opportunity to engage regularly with senior and working level officials from the Korean and U.S. governments in Seoul and Washington.

Digital Economy Initiative

The digital economy initiative promotes and advances standards and best practices in Korea and the Asia-Pacific that will enable countries and companies to benefit from new technologies and their applications. They include a coherent regulatory policy, the elimination of data localization mandates, and a flexible, innovation-enabling approach to cybersecurity. Similarly, we advocate for privacy regimes based on international norms and voluntary, industry-led, and globally recognized standards will help drive future digital growth.

Joint Meetings

Each year, USKBC members gather at an annual plenary session and interim joint meeting with their counterparts on the Korea-U.S. Business Council (KUSBC). The KUSBC and the U.S.-Korea Business Council were both established in 1987 for the same purpose of advancing better business ties between the two countries. The KUSBC is administered by the Federation of Korean Industries, the leading group of Korea’s top companies.

These meetings, which are held alternately in Korea and the United States, enable members to exchange views on policy priorities and discuss strategies to advance shared goals in Korea and the United States. These high-profile, business-to-business dialogues also present opportunities to interact with senior-level government officials from both countries. These joint meetings regularly include opportunities to meet with senior government officials from both countries.

Business Delegations

The USKBC conducts regular trade missions and business delegations to Korea to promote a stronger commercial relationship between the U.S. and Korea. They include broad-based delegations and sector specific missions.