April 21, 2021


Things to know about the COVID-19 vaccines:

  • The Food and Drug Administration has granted emergency use authorization (EUA) for COVID-19 vaccines developed by Johnson & Johnson and Moderna and full authorization for the vaccine developed by Pfizer.
  • These COVID-19 vaccines received EUA after extensive scientific reviews concluded each vaccine met the highest standards for safety and effectiveness.
  • The EUA was not granted until there was certainty that the vaccines developed by both manufacturers met the same safety and efficacy standards as any other vaccine.
  • The FDA determined both vaccines are “highly effective,” and this was confirmed by states that established their own vaccine review panels.

Vaccines need rapid, broad adoption to provide the most protection

  • Experts say we need 70% to 80% of the population – more than 200 million Americans – to have immunity to the novel coronavirus for us to benefit from herd immunity.
  • “With herd immunity, the vast majority of a population are vaccinated, lowering the overall amount of virus able to spread in the whole population,” according to WHO.

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