Financial Regulation

The U.S. Chamber continues to promote and enact policies to ensure that U.S. capital markets are the fairest, most efficient, and innovative in the world.

Businesses of all sizes need well-functioning and multi-faceted capital markets. Excessive and unnecessary banking and securities regulations constrain access to capital for businesses, making it harder for them to form and grow. The Chamber believes a free and efficient capital market system is essential to economic growth and innovation.

In addition, public companies are facing increasing outside pressure to focus on short term gains and special interests over long term wellbeing and investment. The Chamber is focused on rebalancing the system to reinvigorate the public company model.


Projects and Programs


Our Priorities

The U.S. Chamber continues to promote and enact policies to ensure that U.S. capital markets are the fairest, most efficient, and innovative in the world.


  • Make it easier for companies to go public and reform the proxy advisory industry
  • Reform bank capital and liquidity rules and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
  • Obtain relief for derivatives end users and promote recognition of the U.S. system of insurance
  • Uphold best interest rules that protect investors and preserve their choices and access
  • Promote a regulatory environment that incentivizes financial services innovation

Recent Activity

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Dropbox's logo is displayed during the company's initial public offering at the Nasdaq MarketSite in New York City.

Help Public Companies Generate Wealth

Bringing greater transparency and oversight to the proxy firms and the shareholder proposal process is necessary.

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5 Reasons to Reauthorize Ex-Im Bank Now

Reauthorization for the Ex-Im Bank will run out November 21 if Congress fails to pass a funding bill – here's why we need to keep it open.

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Why Sticking with the SEC’s New Regulation Best Interest Rule Is a Win for Investors

There is little doubt that investors are better off today than they were before the rule was finalized and went into force.

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CFPB Making the Connection for Good Ideas

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has taken new steps to implement policies that promote innovation in the financial services sector.

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Small Business Finance

OFR Confirms Volcker Rule Limits Businesses’ Ability to Raise Capital, Grow

The OFR has released a report with new evidence that confirms the Volcker Rule reduces businesses' ability to raise capital.

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The GSIB Surcharge Needs an Update: Small Businesses are Counting on it

Without changes small businesses will continue to struggle with the limited credit available to them.

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Why America Needs EXIM Sooner, Not Later

U.S. exporters are outgunned by China 130-to-1 on trade finance. Congress must act now to level playing field.