231018 Nomination FAA Whitaker Senate Commerce


October 17, 2023


To Chair Cantwell and Ranking Member Cruz:

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce supports the nomination of Michael Whitaker as Administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and we urge the Committee to report the nomination to the full Senate. 

Mr. Whitaker possesses the experience necessary – including a stint as deputy administrator and senior roles within the aviation industry – to take on the many challenges facing the FAA, such as the shortage of aerospace workers, the integration of new entrants, persistent organizational issues, and flight delays stemming from aging aviation infrastructure.

Thank you for the Committee’s bipartisan work on the nomination. We also hope that the Committee will soon act on long-term FAA reauthorization legislation. Confirmed leadership and the clear policy direction that reauthorization provides would help maintain the global competitiveness of the U.S. aviation industry, and enhance safety, efficiency, infrastructure, and innovation.


Neil L. Bradley
Executive Vice President, Chief Policy Officer,
And Head of Strategic Advocacy
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

cc: Members of the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation

231018 Nomination FAA Whitaker Senate Commerce