Intellectual Property

Our economy is driven by the need to innovate, create, and develop new ways to serve consumers, and industries that rely on intellectual property (IP) play an essential role.

When inventors, researchers, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs know that their work will be protected and rewarded through strong IP rights—including patents, trademarks, and copyrights—they have the certainty and the incentive to keep the economy-boosting innovations coming. Moreover, IP protections guard consumers against dangerous fakes and counterfeit goods.

Projects and Programs


The U.S. Chamber continues to champion and defend IP rights, which are vital to creating jobs, saving lives, advancing economic growth, and generating solutions to global challenges. 

Our Priorities


  • Deliver an industry vision for the next generation of trade agreements drawing on the U.S. Chamber’s Global Innovation Policy Center’s (GIPC’s) multisector expertise. 
  • Advocate domestically to promote pro-IP messaging with an emphasis on congressional and administration engagement to ensure that effective policies, regulations, legislation, and enforcement programs are adopted and/or maintained. 
  • Gain a strategic foothold in the capitals of Europe, China, Brazil, India, Canada, and South Africa to counter the anti-IP narratives in these markets and in multilateral institutions and leverage GIPC’s International IP Index. 
  • Continue the fight against price controls and other market-restrictive measures that prevent innovators and creators from earning a return on investment through the Fair Value for Innovation campaign. 
  • Positively condition the global enforcement environment to disrupt criminal networks that traffic in counterfeit and pirated goods and prioritize opportunities with law enforcement, U.S. Ports of Entry, and the Office of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator to promote best practices. 

Recent Activity

Press ReleaseNov 26, 2019 - 10:15am

Chamber launches Shop Safe campaign to protect consumers and businesses from counterfeit goods

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Ahead of the holiday shopping season, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Global Innovation Policy Center is raising awareness with consumers about the dangers of counterfeit goods and how to avoid falling for scams. 

EventOct 29, 2019 - 6:30pm to 9:30pm
Key Graphic for the IP Champions Gala Event 2019

7th annual IP Champions Gala

On October 29th, GIPC will host the 7th annual IP Champions Gala to showcase the role intellectual property plays in stimulating innovation and creativity. Each year, the Gala honors distinguished leaders in the innovative and creative community and recognizes their contributions to society.

Press ReleaseOct 23, 2019 - 10:00am

U.S. Chamber Statement on the House Passage of the CASE Act

Today, Neil Bradley, Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer, U.S. Chamber of Commerce issued the following statement in regards to House passage of the Copyright Alternative in Small Claims Enforcement Act (CASE Act):

Letters to CongressOct 21, 2019 - 2:30pm

U.S. Chamber Key Vote Alert! on S. 1273 and H.R. 2426, "CASE Act"

This Key Vote Alert! Letter was sent to the United States Congress, supporting S. 1273 and H.R. 2426, the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement (CASE) Act of 2019.

Press ReleaseOct 17, 2019 - 10:00am

U.S. Chamber Announces Honorees for the 2019 IP Champions Gala

Leading artists, innovators, and other IP champions light up the stage at this year’s event at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce  

Press ReleaseAug 09, 2019 - 2:45pm

U.S. Chamber Statement on the Health Canada Announcement of Final Amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations

Patrick Kilbride, Sr. Vice President, Global Innovation Policy Center, U.S. Chamber of Commerce made the following statement on the Health Canada Announcement of final amendments to the Patented Medicines Regulations: 

Press ReleaseJul 31, 2019 - 4:30pm

U.S. Chamber Insists on Maintaining the Safety and Integrity of the American Supply of Medicines

WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer Neil Bradley released the following statement today in response to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Service’s proposed “Safe Importation Action Plan.”

Press ReleaseJul 18, 2019 - 5:00pm

Industry, IP Experts Reveal Harmful Effects of IPI Model on Pharmaceutical Innovation

Research shows IPI model penalizes innovation and reduces access to life-saving drugs

Above the FoldJul 17, 2019 - 1:45pm
"Copyright" red rubber stamp.

Quick Take: Your Primer on the CASE Act & Protecting Small Business

Congress is considering creating a small claims court that allows small businesses to defend their copyrights.

EventJun 18, 2019 - 3:00pm to 4:00pm

GIPC Releases "Impacts of Digital Piracy on the U.S. Economy"

Online streaming has revolutionized the way people around the world consume content, providing more convenience, savings, and options. With advancement, however, there are also challenges. A new piracy ecosystem has been boosted by the proliferation of piracy devices and apps that deliver unauthorized live television shows and video on demand. This study explores how digital video piracy results in significant losses to the U.S. economy as a whole. Join GIPC, in conjunction with the Creative Rights Caucus, for a reception and the release of our study on illicit streaming, "Impacts of Digital Piracy on the U.S. Economy," on June 18th, 2019 from 3-4 PM at the Rayburn House Office Building.