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Small Business Matters

Small business owners are job creators. But they are also the cornerstone on which our towns are built, the axis on which our cities turn, and the engine powering our local economies. They are neighborhood heroes, relationship forgers, and opportunity creators. And they care deeply about ensuring that their communities and our country are even stronger and more prosperous tomorrow.

Why not use the same passion and commitment you’ve shown in building your business and your community to help grow and strengthen the U.S. economy?


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is launching Main Street Leaders, a program designed exclusively for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders across the country.

Small business owners now have a distinct opportunity to convey to lawmakers the impact that their decisions in Washington make at home. As a Main Street Leader, you’ll ensure that the voice of small business and entrepreneurship is heard loud and clear in the crucial debates shaping the future of our country.

How It Works

Main Street Leaders will amplify your leadership and visibility, helping you hold your government leaders accountable to your family, your business, and your community.

As a Main Street Leader, you will be communicating with your members of Congress on business priorities and policies and engaging like-minded business leaders and other influencers in your area.


Why Join?

Main Street Leaders will provide members with the following privileges:

  • Private briefings with Chamber policy experts
  • Exclusive webinars, conference calls and videos
  • Small Business newsletters and publications
  • Invitations to participate in select Small Business national and regional events
  • Opportunities to engage with your elected officials

These benefits will prepare you to be an even stronger leader in your community and a voice to be heard in Washington’s inner circles.

And you will be making a real difference for your community—for your family, your friends, and your neighbors.

Membership is by invitation only.