Common Grounds

Now more than ever, our nation needs elected leaders with the courage to reach across the aisle, pursue common ground, and forge real solutions to the challenges facing businesses, workers, families, and communities across America. Building on the U.S. Chamber’s Bipartisanship and Leadership Awards program, the Chamber created the Common Grounds virtual event series.

Each Common Grounds event convenes one Republican leader and one Democratic leader to explore important issues or challenges facing the business community and the nation. Over a cup of coffee, they discuss opportunities for consensus, legitimate policy differences, and pathways to compromise and meaningful solutions.

Latest Video

Government Policy

How Bipartisan Efforts in Congress Can Make Childcare More Affordable

October 14, 2021

Republican Rep. Nancy Mace and Democratic Rep. Mikie Sherrill discuss what can be done to make childcare more affordable childcare from a bipartisan perspective.

Government Policy

Congressmen Scott Peters and Adam Kinzinger on Energy and Climate Policy

May 27, 2021

According to Congressmen Scott Peters and Adam Kinzinger, there are multiple bipartisan opportunities for the advancement of America’s energy industry.

Government Policy

How Congress Can Find Common Ground on Immigration Reform

April 13, 2021

Congressional members on both sides of the political aisle share their thoughts on potential pathways to compromise on immigration reform.

Government Policy

Congress Finding Common Ground on Infrastructure and Transit

March 25, 2021

Here are two ways Congress is working together on infrastructure and transportation policy.