June 24, 2022


WASHINGTON, D.C. —  Between June 26 – 30, 2022, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will lead a delegation of over 50 business executives to Israel's 12th Annual Cyber Week. Held at Tel Aviv University, Cyber Week is a top international cybersecurity conference, providing the opportunity for global experts to share their knowledge on the field’s many challenges and opportunities. The Chamber’s delegation of business executives represent sectors ranging from financial services, digital technology, infrastructure, energy, and beyond—and through meetings with public and private sector leaders including from Israel, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, Singapore, Estonia, the United Arab Emirates, and Italy—the Chamber will help expand commercial partnerships between American and Israeli companies, strengthen public-private dialogue on cyber policy with U.S., Israeli, and international cyber leaders, and enhance our collective approach to cybersecurity, risk management, resilience, and incident response.  

“Cyberattacks have escalated in scale and severity, with criminal groups, nation states, and non affiliated threat groups targeting the critical infrastructure of countries around the world,” said Christopher Roberti, the U.S. Chamber’s Senior Vice President for Cyber, Space, and National Security Policy. “The need has never been greater for increased global collaboration to combat cyber threats and for shared approaches to international cybersecurity, risk management, resilience, and incident response. While governments play a key role in facilitating alignment in this area, private sector companies—operating daily in the increasingly dangerous cyber landscape—can and do drive real progress. I’m proud to see our participation at Cyber Week showcase the strength of not only U.S.-Israel cyber cooperation, but also our members’ internationally recognized expertise in cybersecurity. We’re grateful to Tel Aviv University and the Israeli National Cyber Directorate for hosting Cyber Week and convening this important forum to drive opportunities for deepened international collaboration and harmonization.” 

Josh Kram, the Chamber’s Executive Director for International Strategy and head of the U.S.-Israel Business Council, said, “Israel has long been a critical U.S. security and innovation partner – including in cybersecurity, a growing threat to both governments and businesses of all kinds, all across the world. The U.S.-Israeli partnership in cybersecurity is a strong model for cooperation on cybersecurity policies, information-sharing and expert exchanges, and cooperative research and development—and the U.S. Chamber is proud to help strengthen the commercial relationship between the United States and Israel through exchanges like Cyber Week.”  

About the Chamber’s Cyber, Space, and National Security Division 

American business has a multifaceted stake in a strong national defense and a homeland security policy. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Cyber, Space, and National Security policy division advocates on behalf of the Chamber’s many members with a direct stake in homeland and national security issues. The division engages with Congress, the administration, and international governments and institutions to provide a competitive and secure global trade environment, strong private sector cyber networks and systems, and a resilient business community. 

About the U.S.-Israel Business Council  

The U.S.-Israel Business Council (USIBI) at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the premier U.S. business advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening the trade, investment, and innovation relationship between the U.S. and Israel. The Chamber has long worked with both governments to advance policies and initiatives that will expand economic cooperation to ensure our countries’ bilateral innovative, competitive edge, with the USIBI serving as a hub for business intelligence, a platform for dialogue between U.S. and Israeli government officials, and an advocacy platform on issues related to trade, investment, and innovation. For more about USIBI, visit here.