U.S.-Israel Business Council

The U.S. Chamber’s U.S.-Israel Business Council is the only national advocacy organization focused the U.S.-Israel commercial relationship. 

    The U.S.-Israel Business Council (USIBI) at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the premier national business advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening the trade, investment, and innovation relationship between the U.S. and Israel.

    The USIBI serves as a hub for business intelligence, a platform for dialogue with U.S. and Israeli government officials on economic policies, and a platform for advocacy on issues related to trade, investment, and innovation. USIBI maintains active partnerships with the leading Israeli business associations, including the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel, Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce, and the American Chamber of Commerce in Israel (a U.S. Chamber affiliate).


    Energy & Environment Priorities  |  Digital Economy Priorities  |  Health Care Priorities  |  Defense and Cybersecurity Priorities


    Policy Priorities

    Energy & Environment

    USIBI serves as the direct link between business and government in the U.S.-Israel energy and environment corridor by promoting market-based policy solutions, advancing innovation partnerships, and sharing best practices.  We leverage platforms like the U.S.-Israel Energy Dialogue, Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum, and other leader-level interactions as opportunities to strengthen bilateral trade.

    Activities Snapshot:

    • Secured congressional support of U.S.-Israel Energy Center of Excellence by U.S. Department of Energy and Israel Ministry of Energy/Israel Innovation Authority
    • Developed public policy framework for U.S.-Israel cooperation in the natural gas sector and advocated on behalf of that agenda with top officials
    • Facilitated roundtables for members to engage with top officials from Israeli Ministries of Energy, Environment, Foreign Affairs, Finance, Economy, U.S. Departments of Energy, State, Commerce, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and congressional leaders
    • Expanded collaboration with Manufacturers Association of Israel to focus on joint policy initiatives to enhance bilateral energy cooperation
    • Admitted to EMGF’s Gas Industry Advisory Council and hosted series of meetings, events, and roundtables with top energy officials from Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Cyprus, Italy, and Greece
    • Hosted major U.S.-Israel water technology conferences in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and Washington, DC

    Digital Economy

    USIBI promotes pro-competitive, cutting edge rules to promote e-commerce and open digital trade in two of the most digitally-advanced countries in the world.  We leverage platforms like the U.S.-Israel Joint Committee, the U.S.-Israel Joint Economic Development Group (JEDG), to engage policymakers. 

    Activities Snapshot:

    • Leading a coalition to advance a new U.S.-Israel digital trade agreement
    • Developing policy paper to drive bilateral cooperation around public data for secondary use (i.e. R&D), technology transfer, and data interoperability
    • Facilitate roundtables with senior government officials from Ministry of Science and Technology, Economy, and Finance, Israel Innovation Authority, National Institutes of Science and Technology, U.S. Trade Representative, Departments of Commerce and State

    Health Care

    USIBI leads a working group representing U.S. and Israeli companies, in cooperation with scientists, academics, medical experts, and hospital administrators to look at emerging health innovations in Israel such as digital health, artificial intelligence, bio-convergence, and 5G-connected medical devices.

    Activities Snapshot:

    • Produced public policy roadmap to advance greater collaboration in health technology and innovation between the U.S. and Israel
    • Led workshops on policy, regulatory, and innovation opportunities with the National Institutes of Health, Departments of Health and Human Services, State, Israeli Ministry of Health, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
    • Led life science business mission to Israel

    Defense & Cybersecurity

    USIBI works to promotes connections among business, government, and thought leaders in order to expand U.S.-Israel cooperation in defense and cybersecurity.

    Activities Snapshot:

    • Work with the Israel National Cyber Directorate (INCD) on range of programs, including high-level cyber dialogues on topics such as critical infrastructure, supply chains, and risk-based policy strategies.
    • Organize annual cybersecurity business mission to Israel during Israel’s Cyber Week
    • Host senior officials from Israel’s Ministry of Defense and affiliated agencies for discussions around procurement, industrial partnerships, foreign military financing, and innovation.


    Additional Programs

    Capitol Hill Engagement

    USIBI has an active program to build relationships with key members, committees, and staff engaged on matters related to the U.S.-Israel commercial relationship.

    Activities Snapshot:

    • Maintain regular communications with Senate Foreign Relations Committee and House Foreign Affairs Committee staff on issues and legislation related to U.S.-Israel relations.
    • Supported provisions in legislation related to appropriations of R&D funding, economic cooperation programs, and other initiatives that support the commercial relationship.
    • Hosted briefings with members on topics related to trade, innovation, and energy


    Building Partnerships in Cities and States

    USIBI works with partners in cities and states across the U.S. to expand and deepen U.S.-Israel business partnerships. 

    Activities Snapshot:

    • Launched Business Israel, a program that brought leaders from state and metropolitan chambers of commerce across the U.S. to Israel. 
    • Hosted governors and mayors in Israel and supported expanded bilateral agreements.


    Upcoming Programs (Q3-4 to date)

    • September 1: Roundtable with Yuval Steinitz, Minister of Energy
    • September 8: Roundtable with Aryeh Lighstone, Senior Advisor to U.S. Ambassador, and Christopher Green, Environment, Science, Technology, and Health Chief, U.S. Embassy in Israel
    • September 15: Roundtable with Omer Haim, Defense Attaché, Embassy of Israel
    • TBD: Roundtable with Izhar Shay, Minister of Science and Technology
    • October 19: U.S.-Israel Trade Forum with Amir Perez, Minister of Energy
    • November: U.S.-Israel Health Summit
    • November: Roundtable with Ministry of Finance Leadership around the U.S.-Israel Joint Economic Development Group Meetings

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