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All mixed up at the #NLRB: The Miller & Anderson decision https://t.co/t6142OXq7g


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The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is at it again.

First, the NLRB wanted to force employers to post biased workplace notices instructing workers how to join labor unions.

Then it issued a rule which “ambushes” employers by dramatically speeding up union elections, thereby denying business owners key legal rights and preventing workers from hearing both sides of the story.

Now bureaucrats at the agency are trying to change the very definition of what it means to be an employer.

They’ve thrown out the previous standard, an easy-to-understand test which worked for over 30 years, and have replaced it with a new standard that greatly expands the definition of an “employer.” By making businesses responsible for the labor practices of their contractors, the NLRB will upend years of settled labor law, leading to increased uncertainty, liability for workplaces employers do not control, and ramped up pressure to ease union organizing.

Take, for example, a business that has an agreement with another company to supply it with cleaning services. Under this new rule, that business could be found to be the employer of the cleaning company’s workers, holding the business responsible and liable for workers they don’t even employ.

Congress must take action against this rogue federal agency that has done nothing but work to advance Big Labor’s agenda under the Obama Administration.

Contact your member of Congress now and urge their support of efforts to rein in the NLRB’s dangerous overreach. Send this letter to your elected officials in the House and the Senate.

Thank you for your support on this critical issue. Let’s put an end to the NLRB’s radical advancement into businesses’ operations.


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E.g., 07/24/2016
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WASHINGTON, D.C. — A new report released today by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Workforce Freedom Initiative (WFI) highlights the challenges posed to California’s economy by the state’s increasingly heavy level of labor and employment regulation.The Long-Run Effects of Employment Regulation on California’s Economy shows the state’s performance slipping in numerous economic measures compared to the rest of the United States...

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Thanks in part to such natural and man-made advantages as a favorable climate, excellent universities, and a culture of innovation, California’s economy traditionally has surpassed the rest of the United States on many measures of economic performance. At the same time, California is one of the most heavily regulated markets in the United States, and research has shown that excessive regulation adversely affects economic performance...

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