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Trade Agreements

Trade Imperatives for American Manufacturers

U.S. industrial production has risen by two-thirds in the past 30 years. Manufacturing has bounced back from the pandemic recession and today employs 12.6 million Americans, with average earnings topping $30 per hour.

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The U.S. must work with allies and partners to push forward a vision for digital trade that can secure opportunities for American workers, small businesses, services industries, and others.

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Feature story

The world is charging ahead in pursuit of new market-opening trade agreements, but in recent years Washington policymakers have been sitting on the sidelines. Here is why America must lead on trade.

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Our Work

As other nations race to achieve their own market-opening trade deals, the United States cannot be left behind. The U.S. Chamber is dedicated to pursuing new trade and investment agreements that uphold and improve our standard of living and our standing in the world. Trade agreements must establish high standards, protect American innovation, and be fully enforceable.

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India and Africa offer relatively untapped markets and unique trade opportunities for U.S. businesses.

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