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Small businesses employ nearly half the entire American workforce and represent 43.5% of America’s GDP. As we have for over a century, the U.S. Chamber represents the full spectrum of the American business community. And like America, where most businesses are small businesses, the vast majority of our members—90%—are small businesses and state and local chambers of commerce.

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Successful small business owners and industry professionals share insight into what it takes to start and sustain a small business in 2023.

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By leading with empathy, this physical therapy practice is redefining what it means to provide patient care.

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The rule would change what water features fall under federal jurisdiction, creating new expenses and enforcement risks for farmers, business owners, and home builders with plans to use their land.

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Explore our interactive map tracking the latest data on the surge in entrepreneurship in each state and county across the country.

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In this year’s State of American Business keynote address, U.S. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Suzanne P. Clark called for a commitment to an “Agenda for American Strength” that affirms America’s position as a global power for good and unleashes the innovating, problem-solving power of business to address society’s greatest challenges.

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U.S. Chamber members range from the small businesses and local chambers of commerce that line the Main Streets of America to leading industry associations and large corporations.

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In CO–’s inaugural Start. Run. Grow event, four entrepreneurs share success stories and challenges to encourage future leaders to start their own businesses.

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