The United States economy is supported by a highly innovative, creative, productive, and industrious workforce. The jobs that make up the U.S. economy—and the businesses that create those jobs—help workers provide for their families and lead healthy, comfortable, and fulfilling lives.

To keep the economy vibrant and to continue to create opportunity for workers, we must ensure that new businesses can be launched and current ones can be expanded. The U.S. Chamber promotes workplace policies that will enhance, not inhibit, economic growth and job creation.

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Above the FoldMay 28, 2020 - 9:00am
small business loans

Unemployment Claims Amid Coronavirus: A State-by-State Analysis

Millions of American workers have filed unemployment claims in recent weeks. This map shows how quickly claims have increased in each state.

Above the FoldMay 20, 2020 - 2:00pm
Sector-by-Sector Unemployment

Analysis: Breaking Down the Unemployment Crisis by Industry

We take a look at the impact of COVID-19 on unemployment sector-by-sector.

ArticleMay 20, 2020 - 11:00am
Virginia State Capitol

Virginia Passes Misclassification Statutes

Legislators in the Commonwealth of Virginia recently managed to pass several misclassification bills while others’ focus lay elsewhere.

ArticleMay 19, 2020 - 12:30pm

UI and Returning to Work: What You Need to Know

Over the past week, dozens of states have begun to reopen, allowing businesses to partially resume operations. Restaurants, retailers, gyms, and other service-oriented industries are calling on employees to return.

Above the FoldMay 14, 2020 - 11:30am
Updated unemployment map

Analysis: These 10 States Have Seen the Highest Share of their Workforce File for Unemployment Amid COVID-19

New analysis shows that the following 10 states have seen the largest percentage of their workforce file unemployment claims since March.

ArticleMay 08, 2020 - 5:45pm

California Expands Workers’ Compensation through New Executive Order

Yesterday, California Governor Gavin Newsom issued Executive Order (EO) N-62-20. The Order significantly expands current workers’ compensation policy in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Press ReleaseMay 06, 2020 - 2:30pm

U.S. Chamber Responds to California's Gig Economy Lawsuit Against Lyft, Uber

As America looks to get back to work, California’s officials serve up an injunction instead of incentives. The litigation filed by the Attorney General and City Attorneys is nothing short of an effort to drive successful businesses out of the state and deny opportunities to millions of workers.

Press ReleaseMay 05, 2020 - 6:15pm

U.S. Chamber Responds to California's Gig Economy Lawsuit Against Lyft, Uber

In response to litigation filed by the state of California against Lyft and Uber, Neil Bradley, Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Officer at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce issued the following statement...

Press ReleaseMay 05, 2020 - 6:00am

Small Businesses Ramping up Actions to Survive Pandemic, New U.S. Chamber and MetLife Poll Shows

Small businesses are transitioning to more virtual ways of working and seeking more flexibility and financial resources to survive the coronavirus pandemic, according to a monthly poll taken April 21 – 27, 2020 and released today by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and MetLife.