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When businesses can find and retain the right people to innovate, compete, and grow—and when people have the skills and opportunities to put their talent to work—there’s no limit to what we can all achieve.

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4 Visa Programs That Can Help Employers Solve Their Workforce Needs

4 Visa Programs That Can Help Employers Solve Their Workforce Needs

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American businesses are in the midst of the biggest labor crisis ever, with more open positions than there are available and willing workers to fill them. Legal nonimmigrant workers can help businesses meet their workforce needs. Here are four nonimmigrants visa programs to know about.

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The U.S. Chamber believes we must quickly address a double-dose of workforce challenges. There are too many people without jobs and too many jobs without people. We are working to build a modern, adaptive workforce to meet the needs of today and to compete for the future. Through the America Works initiative, advocacy for effective education and training policy, the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s successful employer-led programs, and support for public-private partnerships, we create pathways for people and businesses alike to pursue their dreams and achieve their potential.

How Reskilling and Upskilling Can Bolster Economic Recovery and Workplace Success

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To reinvigorate the economy and promote workforce success, many companies are turning toward reskilling and upskilling for in-demand positions.

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