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Equality of Opportunity Initiative

Closing America's Opportunity Gaps

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce launched the Equality of Opportunity Initiative (EOI) to develop real, sustainable solutions to help close opportunity gaps in six key areas: education, employment, entrepreneurship, criminal justice, health, and wealth.

Driven by data and informed by conversations, the EOI agenda advances these solutions through private sector initiatives, and policy advocacy at the federal, state, and local levels.

Breaking down barriers


The business community is pushing for private and public sector solutions to some of the underlying challenges driving inequality of opportunity for Black Americans and other people of color.

The Chamber is proud to partner with more than 500 state and local chambers, associations, and businesses across the country. Through this work, we continue to develop research and data insights, convene key stakeholders to address EOI issues, advocate and drive action to advance policies and private sector solutions, and design programs, initiatives and partnerships that promote the promise of equal opportunity for all Americans.

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By the numbers

We compiled this research to show the magnitude of opportunity gaps in six key areas. The findings inform our work as we continue to pursue targeted, data-driven, and sustainable solutions that will help deliver the American promise of equal opportunity to all.

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