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To compete in an increasingly complex and interconnected world, technology and digital innovation are vital. Tech-based industries like biotech, space, fintech, and artificial intelligence pioneer the solutions that improve lives, solve problems, and advance society. They also provide the digital tools that help traditional businesses grow, stay connected, and compete around the globe.

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Experts outline the state of autonomous vehicle innovation and discuss the many benefits we can expect from their continued emergence in U.S. and global markets in the decades ahead.

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The U.S. and its allies should be the ones developing and advancing ethical Artificial Intelligence technologies that align with our common democratic goals and values. Any effort to pause further innovation will leave us unable to advance these essential values as others move forward without us.

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Today, nearly every company, no matter what business they're in, is in some way powered by technology. The U.S. Chamber’s Technology Engagement Center fosters the transformational role that technology plays in business and society. Our work helps businesses in every industry leverage technology to optimize their businesses, serve their customers, and boost growth and productivity. To spur innovation and support emerging industries, we advocate for rational and cohesive policies in the states and in Washington.

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