The Most Costly Federal Rules: Billion Dollar Regulations

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce conducted an analysis of the most costly regulations from federal agencies since 2000.  Taken from the federal agencies’ own economic data and summarized into the below charts, the analysis reveals that there were 41 rules with compliance costs of $1 billion or more from Executive branch agencies.

The chart above shows the cumulative number of billion dollar regulations from 2000-2016.  There has been a steady increase of the largest regulations in the country.

This graph displays the number of billion dollar rules from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency versus all other federal agencies.  As seen, the EPA dwarfs all other agencies both in number of rules and in compliance costs at $104.4 billion.

This graph gives a more detailed layout of billion dollar rules by federal agency.  EPA produced nearly four times as many billion dollar regulations as the next highest agency, DOT, and those EPA rules cost more than ten times as much as DOT’s rules.