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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity is America’s strength, spurring the innovation and creativity that have made the U.S. economy the most vibrant and dynamic in history. When businesses recognize and embrace different perspectives, they are better able to create value, serve customers, support employees, and solve problems. By providing opportunities for everyone, businesses help lift communities and strengthen the health, prosperity, and competitiveness of our nation and our society.

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VP Kamala Harris on Building a Sustainable and Equitable Future in the Americas

VP Kamala Harris on Building a Sustainable and Equitable Future in the Americas

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke at the Fourth CEO Summit of the Americas about the role of policymakers in building a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable future for all.

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Our Work

We believe diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) is a business imperative. Guided by data and informed by conversations with business, government, academic, and civic leaders, the U.S. Chamber’s Equality of Opportunity Initiative (EOI) advances public and private sector solutions to help close opportunity gaps. Focusing on employment, entrepreneurship, education, and criminal justice, the EOI agenda aims to help all people—no matter their race or background—go as far and as high as their talent and hard work will take them.

Prioritizing Diversity and Inclusion Within Organizations

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Experts share ways organizations can retain and advance diverse talent in the workplace.

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